Modernizing a legacy login application for all devices


Identity and Access Management is a cloud-based identity and access management system that enables secure, efficient engagement and collaboration across large third-party ecosystems. The IAM solution is comprised of cloud-native technologies, built-in security frameworks and digital processes to scale third-party access in a non-linear fashion.


UX/UI Designer/Developer

Front-end Development, Visual Design, Prototyping, and Testing


The SSO Login application is a key part of the IAM solution that customers used to authenticate their users and give them access to their apps. It had limited customization possibilities with customers only being able to swap out the standard Covisint logo for theirs and change a few colors.

The app hosted multiple tenants so anytime a customer requested a change to their login screen, that change needed to be coordinated with all the other customers hosted in the app. This resulted in customer changes taking several weeks to be deployed.

I had the opportunity to refactor the app which allowed me to rewrite the front-end using more modern techniques. These included HTML5, CSS3, Web Standards. I also worked with the backend engineering team to externalize the main stylesheet for the app.

These seemingly small changes made a huge difference in terms of how much screen customization is now possible and how quickly these changes can be deployed. Since the stylesheet was external to the app, it no longer needed to be deployed each time a change was needed. Only the stylesheet and assets need to be updated now. And with semantic HTML and CSS3, significant branding is now possible for each customer login screen without needing to touch the codebase.

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