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Covisint was an information technology company that was purchased by OpenText in July, 2017. The roots of Covisint were in a program funded by General Motors to simplify supply chain. General Motors was joined by Ford, and DaimlerChrysler to create a single B2B Supplier Exchange in 2000. They were also joined by Nissan, Renault and Peugeot as participants.

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Covisint Web site

UX Design, Front-end Development, Liferay

The Covisint Web site was hosted on Covisint's Portal Platform. A small internal team was selected for this project with each of us specialing in our different roles.

For UX design and UI development, I designed and developed the portal themes. There was one for the public facing pages and another theme for the backend Control Panel.

I architected the structure of the site and built the individual pages in the CMS. All of the pages were created as articles in Liferay's content management system (CMS) with page assets stored as Web content.