Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS)

The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) had two, multipage paper intake forms from different groups which needed to be merged into an online format.

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Client Intake Form Wireframes

UX Design, Wireframes

The sole deliverable of this project was a set of wireframes which combined the two, incredibly long paper intake forms used by the CDHS OBH.

Over the period of several weeks, I worked with several members of the OBH team. I spent a lof of time analyzing both forms and highlighted things they had in common as well as items that were unique to each form.

Once I was able to separate the similiarities and differences, I was able to start organizing them into a meaningful sequence.

Since the output of this project was going to be a digital format, I was able to layer several sections of the form by showing/hiding areas if they were applicable to the user. This allowed for a more streamlined form as only relevant sections were presented to the user.

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