OpenText IoT Platform

The OpenText IoT Platform is a Covisint product that was added to the product lineup when Covisint was acquired by OpenText.

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Platform UX Redesign

UX Research, Rapid Prototyping, Design, Axure, Sketch

The IoT Platform app was about 5 years old when I was tasked with redesigning the user experience. The redesign was also a complete re-write, moving from AngularJS to Angular.

I met with our users, including power users, to learn their pain points, what they'd like to see in a redesign and more. These sessions included recorded interviews where we would click thru the existing app and talk about issues with common use cases.

After processing all of the research, I began mocking up screens based on what I had learned. I worked closely with the product team and iterated over my screen mocks until we reached a consensus.

I used Sketch to create initial screen layouts then created clickable prototypes in Axure which enabled us to click through user flows and get a feel for what worked and what didn't.

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